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The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment is great tool that is helping you understand and see options as far as:

  • Your leadership style and how can use it, so it will work for you, rather than against you

  • What specific filters (perceptions) you’ve developed, throughout our lives, and how those filters are influencing the results you are achieving

  • How different energy shows up in your home and work life

  • It helps see how your thinking or your life’s situation might create stress for you

  • It helps to uncover energy blocks which are holding you back from success, happiness and purpose

Forbes Magazine on ELI assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 best assessments out there.

This assessment doesn’t label you. But helps you see and understand why you respond the way you do to events, which is based on your perception. You can learn to perceive events in different ways that enable you to respond in different, perhaps more desirable ways. This helps you respond in more emotionally intelligent and appropriate ways.
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Dali Litinski of  Dali Lama Life Coaching

Dali Litinski of Dali Lama Life Coaching

ELI assessment by Dali Litinski

I am a wife, a mother of 3 and a business owner. I earned my degree in social work, but soon discovered ‘fixing’ others is not what gives me joy. As a certified Life Coach, I have empowered and helped many committed people like you shift their leadership energy and thrive, which aligns perfectly with how I see my legacy. I KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE STUCK. I, myself, have experienced the power of self-investment through partnering with a coach who provided me with the space and the tools I needed in order to be successful. I am committed to helping you unleash your full potential.



What our clients say about this assessment:

The ELI assessment has been such an eye opener to my initial reactions. It served as a game changer for me in my business and my life.
— Aaron N.
It gave me a mirror to see how I show up and how I react in situations, especially leadership.
— Lea Y.
It’s changed my life. I communicate differently with both of my kids. I am more conscious in my responses.
— Becca K.
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